What should you expect from our exceptional Teleradiology Services?

Access to Radiologist

When you partner with Diagnostic Imaging Associates you can tap into the vast experience and expertise of our radiologists who are:

  • Available– Our radiologists are accessible when time is of the essence, 24-hours a day, seven days a week via our internal phone system through our single-number call center.
  • Affability– We pride ourselves on the likeability and relational personalities of the Radiologists in our group. We continue to foster a culture of communication, collegiality, and respect among our radiologists when dealing with clinicians and patients.
  • Ability– You can count on our radiologists for detailed and pertinent answers to your toughest clinical questions and when you need them most. You can entrust your most difficult cases in multiple specialties to our Radiologists, with our highest-caliber radiology specialists in the industry.

With our mobile account, WebRis, you will have access to our radiologists just a button click away. You can access our PACS with protocol and imaging recommendations with ease through this resource.

Full Service

If you require imaging interpretations for all of your procedures or interpretations, for only your sub-specialty or afterhours exams, we will commit to improving your efficiency and reduce your overall expenses. We deliver FINAL REPORTS 24/7 for your benefit and through our internal Radiologists. This provides physicians with a complete picture of the diagnosis and most appropriate treatment the first time. Ultimately, this reduces call-backs and readmissions which secondarily benefits patient care and improves physician and patient satisfaction.


Our comprehensive QA process randomly assigns internal cases to our radiologists for them to internally review. This allows for a randomized assessment of report accuracy within our group and ensures we are continually improving and maintaining the utmost quality amongst our radiologists.

Specialty Focused

Our goal is to deliver a specialized read on every case that our company reads. To accomplish this, we have developed an efficient manpower model that ensures our radiologists focus on their area of expertise. Therefore, a large volume of our advanced imaging is read by a radiologist with a fellowship and/or subspecialization in the area. This translates to:

  • Superior patient care
  • More complete and accurate results
  • Efficient turnarounds

24-Hour Coverage

Our enhanced model delivers the most comprehensive sub-specialized after hours care available. What that means:

  • Interpretations are NEVER outsourced
    • We have a dedicated subset of "afterhours only" radiologists that are fellowship trained or subspecialized in ER Radiology
  • Stroke Coverage – Close coordination with technologists results in the most rapid and appropriate treatment with an IT system built to target and flag these cases for our radiologists
  • Rapid turn-around-times
    • Median afterhours turn-around is <18 minutes.

Internal PACS and IT Specialists

DIA employs its own specialty PACS and IT specialists to oversee our robust infrastructure and imaging platforms. Images are received and sent via a secure, encrypted VPN connection. This ensures that the entire patient data transmitted is HIPAA compliant.

We have established connectivity with over 200 hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics across the country, in both urban and extreme rural settings. We have extensive experience with integrating numerous PACS, RIS and EMR systems. This has given our IT team a level of expertise parallel to some of the largest teleradiology companies in the country.