Our Telemammography program continues to rapidly expand in rural communities. Many of the facilities we serve are expanding to include tomosynthesis, whole breast ultrasound, and MRI guided biopsy in their breast programs. This technology allows detection of small cancers in dense breasts and ultimately leads to better patient care and outcomes. Many early breast cancers have been found, greatly impacting women’s healthcare in rural communities of Oklahoma and surrounding states. Our telemammography radiologists are committed to furthering their education and maintaining training for all new technologies emerging in the area of women's health and breast imaging.

Many hospitals and clinics in our region cannot staff subspecialty radiologists due to their rural location. We offer Same-Day Diagnostic Results for your patients read by fellowship-trained and subspecialized breast imaging radiologists with extensive training and experience in breast imaging services. Our Breast specialty radiologists are available at their workstations, consulting with technologists via phone or instant messenger to provide optimal communication and imaging of the patients. The mammography techs can then discuss cases, review and annotate images in real-time with the breast imaging specialists. Dr. Brooke White is our lead Mammography and Women’s Imaging specialist. She trained at the OU Breast institute, allowing our women’s imaging program to stay cutting edge and at the forefront of technology and quality.